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Computer ProgrammerOrchestral Music ComposerVegan Fitness ModelFounder of Trust Music ®
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As a French fetus in 1985, Florian was already responsive to orchestral music, despite having parents who were not musicians.
Apparently, Santa Claus heard this and sent 2 year old Florian a Bontempi synthesizer-toy. The young boy began to create music as an autodidact and he's never stopped ...


at 13
years old
Duck with Tempo3:27
electro without computerMP3
at 15
years old
Neon Atmosphere3:41
electro on first computerMP3
at 15
years old
at 18
years old
Le Rebondissoire2:01
piano (extract)MP3
at 19
years old
Honey Eclipse in 451:45
orchestra (theme only)MP3
at 19
years old
The Invincible Warrior1:16
orchestra (extract)MP3
at 20
years old
Bois Ferres3:16
orchestra / saxMP3
at 21
years old
symphonic (demo version)MP3
(original recordings)show more

At 14, Florian got his first computer and started to write programs, create websites and host them from his bedroom. He studied electronics and he is a self-taught computer programmer, an expert in Perl language, and his music studio runs on Linux.
Despite his mastery of computer technology Florian is still strongly drawn to composing orchestral music.

Following his dreams, he moved on his own to Canada in 2008 and finally to Santa Monica, California in 2013.

In 2014, Florian is founding trustmusic a web platform for music makers to sell their work for a price that is to be determined by the listener upon purchase, and that can be null. Florian is also the designer and developer of the website, and a member! (view his profile)

Florian believes that a great composer is not the composer of his music, but that composing is simply the art of tapping into a constant flow of divine inspiration and turning this miraculous abstract material into concrete music.
read his perspective in this article

Florian enjoys photography, tough outdoor workouts and time trial cycling. He is also a fitness model and a vegan (read his article on the subject)
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Florian's music is now exclusively on


Florian Bador is also a fitness model (5'11" 175lbs)
His practice of Capoeira, Taekwondo and Kung fu gives him extreme flexibility and impressive leg kicks.


As a freelance computer programmer, Florian specializes in the following:

  • Linux Servers / Networking / Hosting
  • Security / Encryption / e-Banking
  • Advanced Perl language
  • MySQL databases
  • Web protocols (SMTP/MAIL, HTTP/HTTPS, ...)
  • Bots / Automated programs / Back-end
  • Mobile/Web Apps
  • Front-end / Javascript (no flash)
No projects running on Windows servers.
Florian has a perfectionist, from scratch approach.
Hourly rate $75 - Minimum project fee $1,000


Florian Bador

Santa Monica, California
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