Florian Bador, computer programmer in Los Angeles

Computer Programmer

Florian Bador is a freelance computer programmer and web developer in Los Angeles, California. He develops programs from Santa Monica, CA, from databases to websites and mobile apps.

Florian has been a professional mobile app developer and back-end programmer for over 12 years, and he freelances with his company Barklab Inc.

In Los Angeles, advanced computer programmers are usually hard to find. So here is Florian Bador's resume as a programmer / developer.


Since March 2017 I only work for my own dreams and no longer freelance. I will no longer take any computer programming contract regardless of the pay and I wish you very well in your projects.


A programmer is a person capable of opening a notepad in a dark room disconnected from the internet and type a clean code from scratch without framework or library. In an era of "Wordpress Developers", "jQuery Seniors" and other cookie-cutter experts, Florian distinguishes himself by being a Programmer.

Florian got his first computer at 14 and started to host websites from his bedroom in France and develop advanced Linux programs, database systems and networking bots. Florian built his own HTTP/SSL web server (equivalent to Apache) and database engine (equivalent to MySQL). In fact, you are using them as you visit this website and they are about 20 times faster than their common equivalents.

Florian is now 35, he is also an orchestral composer and time trial cyclist.



  • Linux
    servers, scripts, kernel compilation, installation, configuration, Slackware
  • Databases and real-time systems
    MySQL, ramfs/tmpfs techniques, RT/preempt kernels
  • Hosting
  • Perl language expert
  • Audio, Video and Image processing
    ffmpeg, flac, ogg, mp3 lame, sox, ImageMagick, GNUplot, etc.
  • Bots / Automated programs


  • Configuration & LAN
  • Firewall / Security
  • Advanced knowledge of protocols
    HTTP/SSL, SMTP, DNS, etc.
  • Emailing
    incl. DKIM/SPF/DMARC
  • Encryption & Cracking


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Android & Java
  • Photoshop
  • Audio/Video editing
    incl. Blender
  • Linux multimedia
    esp. music production
  • Google Adsense & Adwords


Trust Music® is a music platform with a name-your-price concept. Prices can be null and carts can be edited retroactively to increase the dollar amounts and pay the difference.

As founder and developer Florian designed and built the entire platform from graphic design, front and back end, credit card payments, encoding of music and videos, emailing, account statistics and referral features. Florian is also a member as a composer (see his profile)

Trust Music is fully custom built and uses no framework and no library. The web server and database are not Apache and MySQL but custom built by Florian. The website itself is an HTTP/SSL server and database engine. The mail daemons are also custom built SMTP servers. Building everything from scratch resulted in response times of 2-8ms on dynamic pages, and therefore a very low hosting cost. Using Apache/MySQL would have resulted in response times of about 100-150ms as well as frequent security vulnerabilities. Trust Music might be the fastest and safest website on the planet!

More projects & references on demand.